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Senior Health Warning Signs

Senior Health Warning Signs That a Loved One Needs More Support

How do you know that it is time to consider support from a senior community? You pay attention to the senior health warning signs. Some indicators are more obvious than others, but any of the below warning signs for senior health issues indicate further guidance should be obtained from a doctor to uncover undiagnosed medical conditions.

The staff at Oak Hill Terrace are responsive and they help find answers to questions, provide information to help me make decisions and find good solutions to problems or changes that are needed. ” - Pam K., family member

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  • There is unopened mail, unpaid bills, collection notices or indications of bank account overdrafts.
  • The house is not as tidy as it used to be.
  • Spoiled food piles up in the refrigerator.
  • They have been frequently missing appointments or events, which could be an early sign of dementia or be simply a sign that he or she is curtailing driving.
  • They have trouble managing medications.
  • There are signs that a loved one is not bathing frequently.
  • Activities they once enjoyed no longer interest them.
  • There seem to be a growing number of unexplained bruises – possibly from falls or bumping into walls and furniture.
  • There is a change in mood or evidence of depression.

Options for Help

After you have considered the above senior health warning signs, have an honest conversation about your loved one’s current living situation to identify issues and possible support to address those issues. You will need to determine if in-home assistance is realistic, or if it’s time to move to a senior community. There are a variety of senior living options to consider. Read more about choosing between an assisted living community or in-home care, and when each option is most effective.

Contact a Laureate Group Community

Experienced and compassionate staff at each of our eight Greater Milwaukee area Laureate Group senior living communities are available to assist you when senior health issues arise. There’s no pressure, just information. With a few key questions and a brief discussion, we can help you determine the best of the many options open to you.