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50 years of gratitude at Laureate Group_hero

50 Years of Gratitude at Laureate Group

I’m certain that the celebration plans for our 50th anniversary did not include a pandemic.

Yet, as we approach the Thanksgiving and holiday seasons, here are a few thoughts on what 50 years of gratitude at Laureate Group looks like.

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What Does Conscious Aging Mean Today

What Does Conscious Aging Mean Today?

With 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day, there is an increasing number actively pursuing “life after retirement.” Some are embarking on a second career, others community service, and others are resuming activism of their youth. However, all are seeking a way to remain relevant. This concept has been referred to as Conscious Eldering or Conscious Aging. What does Conscious Aging mean today?

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Walking Tips to Maximize Your Efforts

Walking Tips to Maximize Your Fitness Efforts

Walking is a low impact and gentle way of ensuring you stay strong and independent longer. These 5 walking tips to maximize your efforts will help you get the most out of your experience, such as improved balance and posture, plus bragging rights about the amount of steps you get in each day!

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Laureate Group Senior Communities in Milwaukee, WI

Achieving a Senior Living Milestone

A milestone in the senior living industry has happened, and we want you to be part of it. Discover how Laureate Group Senior Communities is celebrating such a remarkable accomplishment for a locally owned company.

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senior nutrition

Importance of Winter Nutrition for Seniors

A well-balanced diet is an important part of healthy aging. But during the winter season, energy levels often decrease. This causes unhealthy habits to increase. Fortunately, habits can be broken. Here are a few tips to understanding the importance of winter nutrition for seniors.

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