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Now Available on Amazon !

Now Available on Amazon !

Portraits of the 20th Century is now available on Amazon! It was first published in 1999 as a collection of stories exploring the memories of the people who have been part of Laureate Group Senior Communities over the past years.

For the authors, the process of reminiscing and story writing became an opportunity for children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren to relive a moment in time from the past. This book has given the authors a historical voice and presence that is inspiring.

*This video was taken early March 2020, before COVID-19. Currently, our policies include wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing as recommended by the DHS and CDC.

I gave this book to my parents who are in their early 90s. We would read one story together and they would start talking about what they remembered about that particular topic or period in time. I learned so much about them that I probably would never have known just because it encouraged them to share their personal experiences. This book provided a nice framework for a meaningful discussion (for them and me!) about many happy times in their lives.

John M., Verified Amazon Reviewer

Laureate Group Senior Communities celebrates 50 years!

Thank you for sharing in the memories that have shaped our #LaureateLegacy.

Bob Barry enjoyed a near 30-year career on Milwaukee’s radio dial. Now, Milwaukee’s legendary disc jockey brings memories to life as he recounts a handful of the stories originally collected in our book Portraits of the 20th Century.

Bob-Barry-Milwaukee Disc Jockey