9200 W. Layton Avenue
Greenfield, WI 53228


Laureate Living Strong at Layton Terrace

We know that falling is one of the greatest risks seniors face. And we also know that one of the best ways to minimize that risk is to increase strength, flexibility and balance. So the Laureate Group has partnered with HealthPro/Heritage and Recover Health to develop a program open to all residents: Laureate Living Strong. Just as the name says, we want to help build the strength, health and wellness of every senior at Layton Terrace.

Here’s how…

Wellness Services

You will have access to the on-site gym at Layton Terrace at no additional cost. There’s circuit training with six stations that focus on building strength, flexibility and balance. The PhysioStep provides a total body workout designed for all fitness levels. Therapists are available on site throughout the week to assist in developing an exercise program in line with an individual’s goals. 

Therapy/Rehabilitation Services

If you are returning from a hospital stay, and your doctor indicates you should continue therapy, you may be able to do so in the comfort of your own apartment, or in the on-site therapy gym.  This can be more convenient than going to another location several times a week to access physical, occupational and speech therapy.  Older adults can now return home quicker and still receive needed therapies.  

Therapy schedules are flexible, so you can still attend your favorite outings and activity programs. And families are always welcome to attend your therapy sessions.

Want to learn more about Laureate Group wellness programs? Come for a tour and see how our focus on health and wellness helps seniors live strong at all our Laureate Group communities.