We're Here to Help

Whether you're at the beginning of your search, in the midst of collecting information or feeling overwhelmed by all you've found, we can help. And there’s a number of ways we can assist you.

Contact a Community

If you know the community that most interests you, call and speak with the Marketing Director. There is absolutely no obligation. We talk to people every day, some that never visit the community and some who ultimately move in.

Every Marketing Director spends a considerable amount of time helping seniors and their families. Each one is knowledgeable about the range of services available to older adults. They are aware of the strong emotional component in transitions, and many times they serve as facilitators of family discussions, helping parents and adult children come to a common understanding of care needs and next steps. They are even able to make a home visit if that works best for the family.

There’s no pressure, just information. With a few key questions and a brief discussion, we can help you determine the best of the many options open to you. Select the Laureate Group community that is right for you.

Laureate Cares: A free consultation service to help you navigate the maze of senior services.

The world of senior services can be confusing. This service is designed to provide you with information that can help you better understand independent living, assisted living and the other service choices available in the Greater Milwaukee area. Call us and you'll speak with an experienced staff member, someone who can help you sort through the issues, identify options and figure out the steps necessary to make a good decision.

Each of our team members has at least 20 years of experience in senior services and works with seniors every single day. Your consultation will be with someone who knows the system, understands the challenges and can help you set a course to meet your needs.

Call us at 262-832-7113 to arrange for a free, confidential telephone consultation. We're ready to listen. We're eager to help. It's what we do everyday.

Educational Programs

We know something about the challenges of aging. For over 40 years, we’ve helped families get the information they need so they can make the right decisions for a loved one. We know that when the time seems right to explore a transition, the issues that need to be considered can be challenging.

Benefit from our decades of experience by attending one of our educational programs. A sample of topics include

  • How to Pay for Assisted Living
  • Difficult Conversations Between Aging Parents and Adult Children
  • Downsizing: Tips to Get You Motivated
  • Preventing Crisis with our Aging Parents: Overcoming the Barriers to Change

Topical programs are offered at different communities throughout the year. Current scheduled events can be found here.

Laureate Way: Helping Older Adults and Their Families Manage the Challenges of Aging

Explore our library of articles on all aspects of senior care.

The Laureate Group has 40 years of experience in senior care and it shows in the articles written by our staff. You can learn about what to expect as dementia progresses, tips about moving and transitioning, how to talk to your parents about moving, how to pay for care, recipes for healthy eating, recent studies on senior health, and so much more.