Eating at home is like dining out…but you don’t have to get dressed up.

Since we prepare home cooked meals every day of the year, it should not be a surprise that our chefs like to mix things up from time to time. Brewer’s opening day tailgating, making paczkies for Fat Tuesday, the first summer picnic of the season, or a summer fish boil are just a few examples of how we take our food seriously. And every community offers special occasion dinners. 

Special Evenings

Hart Park Square had an Arabian Nights theme meal with a great menu and belly dancers. Oak Hill Terrace offers a Valentine’s Day dinner for couples, when one spouse resides in our specialty dementia area. The lounge area is set like a restaurant, complete with candles and a cello player. Of all of the theme meals, this one really showcases not only a special menu, but the care that our dining staff takes to ensure all of our residents, including those with dementia, have special evenings. 

Healthy and Tasty

Something you might not expect, but you get at each Laureate Group community, is food cooked by highly trained chefs on site. We focus on scratch cooking. We start with good quality ingredients - lean meats and poultry, fresh fruit and vegetables and the “good” oils, canola and olive. All our desserts and dinner rolls are freshly baked on-site. Even our sandwiches use meat roasted in house because deli meats are so high in sodium. But rest assured that we still do make good old whipped potatoes when we serve meat loaf. Everyone needs comfort food! We also stress variety and presentation to provide a well-rounded, healthy diet.

It’s probably why we’ve won recognition for our dining lately. We were thrilled to take home top honors (1st, 2nd and 3rd Place) in the Milwaukee Aging Consortium’s First Annual Golden Spatula Cooking Contest. It was a competition among local senior communities, judged on meeting dietary guidelines, taste and presentation. Read more about the contest. Laureate Group chefs win top awards and a Golden Spatula!

Our Chefs are Chefs.

We have chefs that have graduated from the Culinary Institutes of America (CIA) and Le Cordon Bleu. Combine that with their extensive experience in restaurants and banquet-style dining, the wealth of their collective knowledge, and their different career paths, and what you end up with is a great dining experience for our residents.

The Director of Dining Services for all Laureate Group communities is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Her experience includes work in the hotel/restaurant, resort, and health care industries all over the country.

We take great pride in knowing that we have helped so many manage their diets well and reap the benefits of healthy eating. One of the great benefits of living in a senior community is that it is possible eat to well and leave the cooking and clean up to others!  And often food really does taste better when it is enjoyed with others.  

Find more ideas from our chefs on how to introduce more fruit, vegetables and nuts and other healthy habits into your diet.