Laureate Difference

In our communities, seniors do not merely reside. They thrive. That’s because ensuring their good health and helping them stay active and engaged isn’t merely part of a mission statement that hangs on a wall, it’s part of our daily routine. Whether it’s a caregiver, one of our chefs, someone in maintenance or the person at the front desk, everyone on our staff respects an individual’s independence, but also has a responsibility to help.

It's a delicate balance…to foster an atmosphere where people are encouraged to do and decide as much for themselves as they can, but where there is no bigger priority throughout the day than helping people get through theirs. What sets Laureate Group communities apart is how we manage that balance every single day.  

  • There's No Magic Age When the Magic Must Stop

    We believe in looking at possibilities and it shows in our diverse offerings. You’ll find opportunities to keep your body fit, your spirit nourished and your mind sharp.

  • We Treat the Person as a Whole

    Which is a whole lot different than other places. We offer tangible ways to live healthier. And we’ve committed the resources necessary to deliver exceptional care. 

  • Eating at Home is Like Dining Out

    But you don’t have to get dressed up! Since we prepare home cooked meals every day of the year, our award-winning chefs like to mix things up from time to time.

  • We're Here To Help

    Whether you're at the beginning of your search, or feeling overwhelmed by all you've found, we can help. And there’s a number of ways we can assist you.