Culinary Services

Meals Made On Site With Fresh Ingredients

Laureate Group Culinary Services

Chef-prepared meals made daily by our culinary services from fresh, wholesome ingredients are a hallmark of dining at Laureate Group senior living communities in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties.

From presentation to taste, professional chefs provide the best culinary experiences for our seniors every day. We look to reduce salt and fats in our cooking without sacrificing flavor, serving seniors our popular made-from-scratch soups and comfort meals such as roast beef with whipped potatoes.

Laureate Group dining
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The staff truly cares about the residents and always has fun community events going on for them. It’s a very welcoming and safe environment. Also, the food always smells so great when I’m there!”- Anne B., visitor at Hart Park Square

Menu Choices at Each Meal

Eating is much more enjoyable in the company of friends. During meal gatherings, each individual is served a variety of menu options, encouraging independent thinking and friendly table conversation. Flexible meal plans are available.

Menu choices are carefully planned with senior’s health in mind while delivering variety and great flavor. Whether someone has a taste for comfort foods or a lighter, wellness-focused meal, they can be assured that sound nutrition is a major consideration.

Meals Made to Be Memorable

An added perk of dining at a Laureate Group community is that dining is meant to be fun and entertaining, particularly at our special occasion and themed meal events. That might be a Valentine’s Day meal, St. Paddy’s Day celebration, or it might be tied to a program such as World Expedition where we travel around the world through activities, presentations, and cuisine. Of course, this being Wisconsin, you’ll find a Friday favorite on the menu: fish fry!

Local and Fresh

We start with the best, locally sourced ingredients, such as chicken and pork that have not been salt-brined, USDA Choice Angus beef, high quality fish, and fresh – not canned, vegetables.

For sandwiches, we avoid deli-style meats and instead roast and carve our own – another way to reduce salt intake. Sauces and soups are all made from scratch, using lighter ingredients without sacrificing taste.

“We don’t serve anything I would not serve my mom or dad,” notes Diane Szalai, the Laureate Group’s Culinary Services director.

Some accommodation can be made for special diets. For example, gluten-free or vegetarian meals are available.