This Winter Illustrates the Advantage of Senior Community Living

Winter can make hibernation seem so enticing, especially when the temperatures hover around -22 degrees!

But seniors in particular can become even more isolated during these winter months. Because there is great risk in braving the polar weather, including Hypothermia or even an increase in falls on icy surfaces, many older adults are confined to their homes for lengthy periods of time.

Stuck in the house, often separated from family and friends for extended time can bring on feelings of loneliness in anyone, but for seniors who may have a chronic health condition, it can be extraordinarily tough. Studies have shown that social isolation in seniors has been linked with an increased risk of cognitive decline. 

In our 50 years of experience in senior living care, social isolation is still one of the top concerns many family members express to us during their early stage of researching senior living communities. 

The Lifestyle Benefits of Senior Living Care

Keeping Active Day to Day

Lifestyle programming varies from day to day, and how much to do is an individual’s choice. A game of cards or a book club discussion is just steps outside a senior’s apartment. Wii bowling will get the competitive juices flowing, while inside walking clubs encourage exercise and socializing with friends. For many seniors, having easy access to so many activities lets them tell their family members, "Don’t worry about me, I’m fine."

A Snow Day Can't Keep The Nurses Away

By being present and working full time in the facility, the nurse has the time to really listen and respond to each resident and directly monitor changes in resident’s health conditions. Observation and early intervention for even minor health concerns often means quicker recovery with fewer complications.

Sure, the cold has the power to drain a car battery every now and then, but thanks to full time staffing, there is always someone available to not only take care of the seniors, but to always sit and talk with them about their day. You'll find our nurses participating in a lot of the lifestyle activities with our seniors, from singing and dancing to coloring and putting together puzzles. 

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