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Why Senior Communities Encourage Dance Classes

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At Laureate Group Senior Communities, full-time Lifestyle Staff at each of our locations create a calendar of senior community lifestyle programming. A favorite activity are dance classes, or special events that involve dancing entertainment. Besides the fun factor, there are reasons as to why Laureate Group Senior Communities encourages dance classes.

New Research in 2020

The 2020 New Year kicks off with new, insightful research on exercise for older adults. However, these findings focus on one exercise in particular: dancing.  

New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine examined more than 30 older adult participants who were at risk of dementia.

The goal of the study was to examine the beneficial effects of dancing and determine whether dancing can improve brain health in older adults. The participants were split up into two groups:

  • One group took dance classes twice weekly
  • One group walked on a treadmill

The study lasted 6 months. Helena Blumen of Albert Einstein College of Medicine noted dancing carries extra benefits to one’s health. The aerobic part is dancing, Blumen stated, “But you also dance with other people so you socialize with them, which also has been shown to be effective. And you also learn new steps, which is cognitively demanding.”

Why Senior Communities Encourage Dance Classes

“Lifestyles Programming is important because it engages our residents in programs that continue to educate them, stimulate their minds and bodies, and encourages creativity,” explained Nick Weyer, Lifestyle Coordinator at Hart Park Square Senior Community.

The Walking Club at Hart Park Square Senior Community is a successful choice of exercise, having 5 of the members walking a combined 5,436,309 steps in 2019!

But you will also find dancing-specific entertainment at a Laureate Group Senior Community:

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