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Why is Spiritual Well-Being Important?

Why is spiritual well-being important? As we grow older, the purpose of life is different and our needs change. After job and child-rearing responsibilities are reduced, we have more time to concentrate on our long-neglected inner life. Our focus moves from material things to matters of the heart. We have less need for space and more need for community. We need to spend less time taking care of our surroundings and more time tending to our spiritual well-being. 

Why is spiritual well-being important?

Spiritual well-being is often defined as feeling connected to something greater than ourselves. We develop spiritual wellness when we find meaning, purpose and connection in our lives. While it is important at every stage of development, many people find the later years to be the most fertile for spiritual growth.

During the pandemic, we have all spent more time in our houses, often alone and feeling isolated. Among the many lessons from this experience is a new perspective on our living arrangements. We have learned that bricks and mortar, wood and nails do not make a home. People and connections are what really matter.

Ways to nurture your spiritual well-being

There are many ways to develop spiritual wellness, and all of them are associated with improved physical, social and emotional health.

  • Many people engage in prayer and meditation.
  • Others practice kindness and gratitude.
  • Some people keep a journal or write poetry, while others pursue creative arts, such as painting or music.
  • Others try to be more mindful about their connections to the natural world and with other people

Everyone’s path is unique, but we are helped and supported along the way by other people who are concerned about us.

Spiritual well-being in senior living today

While there are many practical reasons that motivate people to consider a senior living community, the spiritual aspect may be overlooked. Many reap the benefits of a more simplified life without the worries of cooking, cleaning and home repairs, but it also allows them more time to pursue activities that bring them joy and nurture their spirit. More importantly they find themselves surrounded by others who are on a similar journey. 

Whatever living arrangement you choose, make time to develop your spiritual well-being. The later years are meant to be the time to harvest the gifts of a lifetime. Make the most of it.