Retirement: 3 Ways to Reconnect with Your Creativity

Once she retired, my grandma would often say, “If my body is going to just sit around the house all day, might as well make my hands do some work!” This resulted in hand-sewn pillow cases, kitchen towels, even crocheted scarves. Once retired, my grandma became the Quilting Queen!

My grandma is just one example of why reconnecting with your creativity as you age is so important. Diane Byrne, Senior Wealth Advisor at Milwaukee’s Ellenbecker Investment Group, made a point in her personal article (Informed Aging: Reconnect with Your Creativity) that “artistic and creative endeavors can help people stay vital and connected as they age,” listing several ways retired seniors can stay inspired.

Using Byrne’s list as a guideline, below are three ways seniors at each of the Laureate Group Senior Communities reconnect with their creativity every day.

1. Make gifts for others: The Snack Smock

Recently, staff at The Arboretum noticed a senior who would stumble when getting up to retrieve snacks. Instead of restricting this senior’s independence, The Arboretum staff asked Marietta, another senior who LOVED to craft, if she’d like to help create a smock with pockets. That way, the snacks would be close by.

The result? The Snack Smock, made with needle, thread, and love! 



2. Create because it makes you happy: Many Smiles From Mary

Meet Mary, a senior at our Library Square community.

Mary prefers crafting with her hands. So, when The LifeWay Church in West Allis asked if anyone was interested in helping paint paving stones, Mary volunteered!

When given the option to create, she painted simply because it made her happy to do so. 


3. Take a class: Lifestyle Activities

Even Oak Hill Terrace has ways of reconnecting seniors with their creativity.

Have you heard of the Patio Pals? This group of seniors meets on the patio to brainstorm together fun games to play and lively stories to tell. It helps get that imagination working! 


The Moral of This Story

You’re never too old to create! (My grandma would agree.) Think of the inspiration you have already spread to others simply by making, painting, dancing, or even talking, including right here at The Laureate Group. What are some other ways an older or retired individual can reconnect with creativity?

Special thanks to the Ellenbecker Investment Group for collaborating with us!