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Laureate Group Centenarians Share Secrets of Longevity

turning 100
Laureate Group senior communities is proud to serve centenarians, and many Laureate Group centenarians share secrets of longevity with us. The U.S. Census Bureau published a report in their online library that 55,000 Americans were 100 and beyond compared to the 32,000 in 1980. Living to 100 years old and beyond is a milestone that should be recognized and celebrated.
In fact, “One St. Francis resident was recently recognized for reaching a milestone many don’t,” began Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer, Erik S. Hanley, in an interview.
He is referring to Anne, a senior at our Howard Village Senior Community in St. Francis, WI. On October 10th, Anne celebrated her 100th birthday with Mayor Ken Tutaj, Alderwoman Janis Schandel, and friends and family by her side.

“’She was very humbled and honored we all took the time to make the day special for her,'” Thea Vorass, executive director at Howard Village, said in the interview. What’s Anne’s secret to her longevity? Her faith and active lifestyle.

Read more as Laureate Group centenarians share secrets of longevity!

Florence (Flossie) 

At 102 years old, Florence has lived at The Arboretum Senior Community for five years. Until last year, Flossie drove herself to the YMCA several times a week for exercise classes, but now she attends exercise class almost every day of the week at The Arboretum. Her secret for longevity is to live a life of longevity is to “stay active and mind your own business.”

P.S. She also told us that her mother lived to be 111!


Rita, at 103 years old, has lived at Laurel Oaks Senior Community for 12 years. “I had the most fabulous people around me all my life,” Rita said. Staying active is key for her. She is no stranger to golf, tennis, meditation, yoga, and dancing.

“You have to definitely be active,” she said. “Try to be positive.”


Evelyn has enjoyed living a social lifestyle at Library Square Senior Community for the past eight years. When asked what her longevity secret is to living to 104, she replied, “No secret, just do what the Lord wants. It’s not your wish, it’s what you’re given.”

Her advice: “Live each day to the fullest and be kind to others.” She said she enjoys living at Library Square because the people are nice, and it reminds her of home.


Isolde just turned 103 and has lived at The Arboretum Senior Community for 26 years! Her secret to living beyond 100 is living in moderation. She never smoked and has always remained active. Isolde attends exercise class daily, has knitted hundreds of blankets that she donates to the homeless shelters in downtown Milwaukee, and often tells us that we keep her so busy with our activity offerings that it’s hard for her to schedule outside appointments!

Her advice for others is to simply “be happy.”

Secret to Longevity

What do these women all have in common? Along with their faith, they stay physically and socially active! Laureate Group offers activities and programs designed to keep our seniors active. You will find activities such as Wii bowling, meditation, yoga, NIA and other exercise programs, along with a variety of active games. Other programs that are fun and engaging focus on mental vitality such as trivia, group crossword puzzles, and word puzzles.