Holidays: A Time to Create Precious Memories

Every December my mind begins a journey along many back roads of my past. There’s just something special about the holiday season.

Today I recalled that at age 9 I got roller skates for Christmas. I headed to our very tiny basement and proceeded to glide (OK, truth be told I wasn’t exactly gliding in the beginning) in circles feeling on top of the world.

As a young mother I recall making trips north to spend the holidays with family.  The trip home was always “cozy” as we fit my husband and I, our two kids and all the presents into that car.  I remember wondering if our parents ever considered how we would get those big box toys home.  Somehow it always worked out.

Smells of old family recipes, sounds of numerous conversations going on at the same time, all blending to make memories that last a lifetime.  

The holidays have many different looks for people. Here are a few touches that may enrich your memories of the holiday season:

• If you’re struggling with what to get someone, buy a journal where they can share their personal thoughts. On the first page share a story of some special time you spent with them and remind them how important they are to you. Being told how much you’re loved never gets old.

• Did someone touch your life this year?  Bake them one of your old family recipes. Write down the recipe and make sure you put your name on it so each time they make it they can reflect upon your special friendship. The gift that keeps on giving.

• If you have a young mother in your family, create a mini cookbook with some of their favorite family recipes in it. Pass the recipe to the next generation.

• If you are mourning a loss, consider reaching out to someone else who may also be grieving. Whether they lost a loved one, are facing health setbacks, or had to relinquish their driving privileges, a simple phone call, or sharing a bit of your holiday meal will likely help soothe your own pain.

I wish each of you a blessed holiday season.