Goal Oriented: A Promising New Year

It is a New Year and an opportunity for a fresh start is upon us! What are you looking to change? Are you happy with your health? Are you as active as you would like to be? Are you investing enough of your time with your loved ones? Would you like to give more back to your community?

Setting goals that focus on bettering your overall health - both physically and mentally – will provide you with things to strive for and accomplish! Make these goals things you're truly passionate about changing and there’s no doubt you’ll be able to check them off the list and feel great about it. Here are a few New Year's resolutions we suggest considering:

1. Exercise for mental and physical health
Staying physically active is key to healthy aging! Not that your days should be consumed with physical activity, but you should certainly dedicate a portion of your day to fitness.

If you're just getting started, Harvard Health Publications recommended committing 10 minutes of your day to exercise, with a gradual increase as it becomes a habit.

Eventually, you should be able to dedicate the recommended amount of 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week with ease! Go for health gold and stay fit and active with Laureate Group! At our eight different communities, we offer daily exercise and wellness activities to help get you moving and motivated for a healthier you!

2. Explore volunteer opportunities
Volunteering is a doubly rewarding venture as giving back to your community helps improve your health! According to Helpguide, it provides a sense of accomplishment, increases self-confidence and brings feelings of fulfillment to life.

Additionally, it connects you with like-minded individuals, which is great for your mental well-being.

At Laureate Group, we believe in the power of giving back and offer community volunteer opportunities at our communities. Many of our seniors have found these experiences so rewarding, they have become volunteers with these organizations on their own accord!

3. Spend more time with the grandkids
Most older adults can agree that there is nothing quite as special as spending time with the grandchildren!

Staying connected with your grandkids beyond special occasions is crucial in strengthening the bond between you and your family.

When families stay connected, there are benefits for each generation. Not only will grandchildren have a better understanding of who they are and their own family history but it is proven that seniors who experience close intergenerational interaction generally report less depression and better overall physical health.

4. Make healthier food choices
Who doesn’t love a good burger and fries every now and then? But consuming those not-so-healthy choices every night may eventually lead to weight gain, high blood pressure and other chronic issues, according to Blood Pressure UK. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins are delicious AND nutritious!

In our communities our chefs focus healthy eating by way of scratch cooking with good quality ingredients, lean meats and poultry, fresh fruit and vegetables and the “good” oils, canola and olive.

Making people happy is second nature to our dining staff, but eating well is too. Nutrition is important for all of us but older adults, who may also have health conditions to manage, need access to good food made well.

5. Challenge your brain regularly
Just as physical activity is important, giving your brain a "workout" is just as crucial. Brainpower is increased when we learn something new and work our brains in ways we’re not used to!

Challenging your brain regularly keeps your cognitive skills sharp and reduces your chance of experiencing memory loss.

Make it a goal to play games that'll force your mind to work in overdrive. By increasing the level of difficulty of a game you already enjoy or trying on a new crossword puzzle, challenging your brain to work even harder will promote plasticity and keep the brain healthy!

6. Be aware of your overall health
As your body goes through consistent change, making it a priority to keep up with your health is imperative.

Visit the doctor annually, if not more, to be proactive about your overall well-being. Be honest with your care provider about new concerns and take the advice and guidance they provide during your visit.

Committing to a few goals that will keep you inspired, happy, and healthy will surely make the New Year even better! Here’s to a wonderful start to an exciting journey!

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