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Choosing Between Assisted Living and In-Home Care

Choosing Between Assisted Living and In-Home Care

Today, the typical stay for someone in a nursing home is counted more in days or months, not years. Seniors and their families have more options of assistance and care than ever before. Two options often compared are assisted living and in-home care. When comparing these types of care, one should consider quality of life.

Benefits of Assisted Living

Accommodating Staff

One great advantage of assisted living is the ability of staff to flex to accommodate one’s changing health needs. Assisted living staff interacts with residents many times during the day and they learn individual routines. Staff knows when something is different, or when a change has occurred that may have more serious health implications, and they can act immediately.

This is especially important for seniors with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Ease of Daily Living Services

Transportation, housekeeping and laundry are all tasks that can be removed from a family’s “to do” list because the senior community offers the services on-site.

Assisted living helps many people become more independent by giving them numerous opportunities to engage in activities to keep them physically fit, socially engaged, and mentally sharp. They can choose when they want to engage, without depending on someone else, a much truer measure of independence than the address where one lives.

Benefits of In-Home Care

Short-Term Services

There is an important role for in-home care in the range of senior services. It is valuable for someone returning from a hospital or a stay in a rehabilitation center who needs assistance for a short period of time.

Task Manager

It can work well when a loved one has a care need that follows a consistent schedule, such as a bath several times a week. An aide can come and provide that service on a scheduled basis. In-home care can also be helpful when family members are providing most of the support to an older adult and need a break.

Again, the specific care needs can be identified, and a caregiver can be scheduled to perform the tasks.

In every Laureate Group assisted living program, you’ll find:

  • Awake staff on duty, 24 hours a day, for both routine and emergency response
  • A full-time RN on-site that develops an individualized plan and oversees care
  • Staff experienced in managing chronic conditions
  • Full-time staff dedicated to life enrichment and social programming and a full calendar of activities every day of the year
  • Access to convenience services to make life easier
  • A monthly fee that covers the cost of a private apartment and the selected services
  • No endowment fee to deplete life-long savings

Learn more about the Laureate Group assisted living programs, or find a Laureate Group assisted living community in your neighborhood.