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Change of Address: Why Quality of Life Matters

Change of Address_ Why Quality of Life Matters

It is reasonable for a senior to question if now is the time to make a move. However, living in the midst of a pandemic puts a new light on everything, including on how to adjust to the idea of changing your address. Independence is not a result of your geography or address. Regardless of the times, or what’s going on in the world around you, quality of life should be a goal for everyone.

Assess Your Situation

Is your home still serving your needs well and allowing for a quality of life? For some, the answer is yes. They’re still driving, their health is good and they’re still actively engaged in life. Clearly those individuals are enjoying a full life in their current home.

But there are others who are missing key components of that active life. They aren’t as mobile as they once were and maintaining their home is challenging. They may not drive, which means their independence is reliant upon a friend or family member to accomplish certain aspects of their daily needs. And possibly their health is compromised, causing their social life to fade along with their joy quotient and maybe even their purpose.

Understand That It’s Okay To Have Hesitation

Your home represents so much more than the bricks and mortar. Selling your home and leaving that huge part of your being can be similar to losing someone you have loved in your life.

This is difficult to accept for any of us, but at some point, change is required if one is to remain fully active and healthy. Denial often leads to a crisis that has to be managed.

What Are Your Boundaries?

So what are your boundaries of possibilities? If you’re going to consider that statement honestly, you have to get out of your comfort zone for a moment.

Quality of life isn’t a product of the treasures you’ve gathered over a life time. It’s an outcome of human interaction, of the degree to which you exchange conversation and love with one another. If your days are becoming more limiting, if your moments of happiness are less frequent, do not passively accept that. Open yourself to greater possibilities by considering what next. Don’t let your fear of the unknown hold you back from living your fullest life.