The Big Read

As citizens of Waukesha, we sometimes take for granted the many programs available that enhance the quality of life. Waukesha Reads is one of those opportunities.

Waukesha Reads is a community-wide project that is committed to the cause of encouraging literacy and reading enjoyment in Waukesha.  This project encourages people to discover - or rediscover - the many benefits of reading! Reading helps to enhance memory and to sharpen analytical and decision-making skills. A good book can increase our knowledge and heighten our awareness.  Reading reduces stress and leads to better sleep.  And - it is great entertainment!

Waukesha Reads invites members of the community to read and discuss the same book.  It provides an opportunity to exchange ideas through conversations about a common work of literature. It opens the door to new experiences and new ways of thinking. What a wonderful way to expand our understanding of the world, other people and ourselves. There has been no better time in our history than right now to encourage people to come together and learn from each other.

This year’s book is True Grit, a classic tale of the American west.  It gives us a glimpse into a very different period and culture. Yet it demonstrates that, fundamentally, we are all human beings, trying to do the best we can in the face of adversity.

Oak Hill Terrace has been participating in Waukesha Reads for a number of years. We hope to make it an intergenerational experience with opportunities for people of all ages to engage with and influence the world around them. We are hosting a luncheon and book discussion on Thursday, October 19th at High Noon.

We will have a western-style meal, enjoy a rousing discussion and witness a cowboy fast-draw demonstration. Afterwards, have your picture taken with none other than Rooster Cogburn himself.  There is a fee of $8.50 for the lunch. Call 262-548-1457 to register.