Lisa Stueland

Laureate Group Assisted Living

Full Time RNs in Assisted Living: Why It Matters

Staffing is not just about the number of people working in the facility at any given time. It’s about the credentials of the people who make up the staffing plan on a daily basis. Full time RNs in assisted living is a key element to consider when choosing a senior living facility. You want to have the assurance that quality care is directed and provided under the direct supervision of qualified professionals such as Registered Nurses.

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power of attorney

The Importance of a Health Care Power of Attorney

A health care power of attorney functions very differently than a financial power of attorney. The importance of a health care power of attorney (also called a health care or medical proxy) is to appoint someone to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make those decisions yourself.

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frailty older adults

Preventing Frailty In Older Adults

As you might imagine, those who come to us have varying degrees of care needs – from those who might simply need help with medication management to those who have high care needs as a result of being medically frail. Medical frailty is somewhat common, yet preventing frailty in older adults is possible with the right steps.

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Living in a Senior Community Guards Against Loneliness

Living in a Senior Community Fights Against Loneliness

We counsel many older adults and their families about finding the right living situation to maintain a high quality of life. When families begin to explore senior living communities, most often some sort of event triggered their interest. They may be recovering from the death of their spouse. Others have determined that they can no longer drive and living on their own has become difficult. Still others have had a change in health and may require some level of care each day. Families learn that living in a senior community fights against loneliness. Read on to learn how a senior community fights against loneliness.

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