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Best Southeastern Wisconsin Senior Resources

Best Southeastern Wisconsin Senior Resources

For seniors, it’s not only important to have resources, it’s critical that you have quality resources. It’s not about volume, it’s about a place you can go or a person you can talk to that will answer your specific question with clarity.

Here are a few quality resources that I often use when guiding seniors and their families. I thought you might find them useful as well:

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Expressing Your Faith in a Senior Living Community

Early in my career I began some outreach to area faith communities with a purpose of serving area congregations by sharing the many resources Laureate Group has to offer, including the opportunity of expressing your faith in a senior living community. I recently asked Father Mike to share what he’s experienced in his new role and he sent me the following note on expressing your faith in a senior living community.

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moving to a senior living community

How to Talk to Your Parents about Moving

While a conversation about a parent’s living situation can be difficult, it does not have to be adversarial. In my years at Laureate Group Senior Communities helping older adults in transition, I have been witness to many family discussions that have honored the experience and feelings of everyone involved and achieved a successful outcome for the entire family.

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in-home care or senior living

Choosing Between Assisted Living and In-Home Care

Today, the typical stay for someone in a nursing home is counted more in days or months, not years. Seniors and their families have more options of assistance and care than ever before. Two options often compared are assisted living and in-home care. When comparing these types of care, one should consider quality of life.

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senior care information

Where to Start When Looking for Senior Care

Whether looking for senior living services for a parent or themselves, I often hear the question, “Where do I begin?” Today, there are so many options to explore that it can get overwhelming. Here is where to start when looking for senior care.

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senior living wait lists

Waiting Lists at Assisted Living Communities

Waiting lists at assisted living communities can be a great tool to use as you consider a future move to a senior community. Because each senior community will have their own waiting list policy, it’s important to ask the right questions so you clearly understand the variations.

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The Arboretum Senior Community in Menomonee Falls, WI

How Care for Older Adults Has Changed

Years ago when an elder faced declining health, there were typically two options: 1) move in with one of their children to get the care they needed, or 2) went to a nursing home. How care for older adults has changed can be seen today in the typical stay for someone in a nursing home. It is counted more in days or months, not years. So why has it changed so much? Because of assisted living care.

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risks of seniors living at home

Should Aging Adults Live at Home?

Should aging adults live at home? The vast majority of our elders want to stay in their homes for as long as possible, but when is living at home not the best option? Let’s explore 4 questions to ask if an aging loved one lives at home.

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talking with someone who has dementia

Meaningful Conversations With Someone Who Has Dementia

I presented a webinar for individuals across the country on the subject of how to have a meaningful conversation with someone with dementia. When we ran out of time, attendees were asked to submit their questions so I could respond to them individually. I’d like to share a few of them with you in hopes that they add to your understanding as well.

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senior living Milwaukee, WI

Senior Apartment vs Independent Retirement Community

An understanding of the difference between a senior apartment and an independent retirement community will help you to make the right decision for both the short and long term. For many seniors, the right setting can provide an exciting opportunity to continue enjoying retirement to the fullest.

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