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Achieving a Senior Living Milestone

Laureate Group Senior Communities in Milwaukee, WI

A milestone in the senior living industry has happened. Laureate Group Senior Communities is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year! Back in 1999 when the world was focused on Y2K, Laureate Group Senior Communities was focused on the many lives they’d touched over the years.

All the stories our residents were carrying with them, and all the experiences they had lived. Many told over a holiday dinner or conversation with a loved one, but too many of those stories were being lost, never to see the light of day as we witness the passing of a generation.

The history of our nation is, in its purest form, a collection of stories told by every day folks living their lives. But if we aren’t taking the time to listen to them, and recording them for posterity, a valuable part of our history evaporates.

Portraits of the 20th Century Was Born

That motivated us to systematically begin gathering stories of our residents and community friends. The result was the publication of Portraits of the 20th Century

It’s a collection of stories that paints the picture of a moment in someone’s life, and gives the reader a peek at a time in history when the world looked very different than today.

People of all ages were anxious to read the stories, to laugh and cry, to smile and reflect with those who remembered the century that shaped the world we live in today.

- Robert Best
(Oak Hill Terrace Executive Director & team member of the 1999 project)

Senior Living Milestone: Laureate Group Turns 50

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of using this amazing book in many presentations. It has served to motivate many individuals to begin to gather their personal stories, and now, twenty years later, Laureate Group Senior Communities is bringing a new voice to this book!

Milwaukee’s legendary disc jockey, Bob Barry, brings these memories to life once again in Laureate Group’s new audio series, Laureate Legacy: A Walk Through the 20th Century.

To listen to the audio stories, or to learn more about Laureate Group’s 50th anniversary Portraits book, visit

What is Your Legacy?

No one can share your story but you! It’s interesting that our children and grandchildren are sometimes surprised that we were ever a child. They only know us as parents and grandparents.

Our lives are like an iceberg – there’s so much to see, but so much more below the surface that remains invisible.


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