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7 Unique Benefits of Senior Lifestyle Programming

Senior living in St. Francis, WI - Howard Village

What does lifestyle mean in senior living? We asked 7 of our Lifestyle Coordinators to explain 7 ways senior lifestyle programming has improved daily living. 

According to U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, “Adopting healthy habits and behaviors [and] staying involved in your community can contribute to a productive and meaningful life.”

At Laureate Group Senior Communities, full-time Lifestyle Staff at each of our locations create a calendar of senior community lifestyle programming with a balance of social, creative, educational, spiritual, and health and wellness activities. 

7 Unique Benefits of Senior Lifestyle Programming


Lifestyle Programming is very important. It isn't just something to keep people busy. It is a time when residents can shine by what new things that they try and are successful at.

There are social times that bring them together to form a new type of neighborhood. They care about their friends and they have someone to talk to when they have a problem. They have fun together.

And we become their families and friends too.



I think Lifestyle Programming is important because it gives the residents so many different opportunities: opportunities to meet people, to go places, to learn things, to stay healthy, to be engaged, to have new experiences, even just the opportunity to leave their room for a bit.

The variety we offer is important in order to engage all of our residents and give them all equal chances for participation.

Lifestyle Programming is what makes us more than just an apartment complex, it makes us a neighborhood.



Lifestyles Programming is important because it engages our residents in programs that continue to educate them, stimulate their minds and bodies, and encourages creativity.

These programs bring residents together that might not generally spend time together, which stimulates memories and conversations about events that have taken place in their lives.

I enjoy when our programming includes family members and friends of the residents, and even other staff members that might not see residents in social situations. Lifestyle is not just for the residents, either. It encourages staff to participate in dressing up for themed days!



Programming is very important because it contributes to the well-being of the residents. When programming is focused on meeting the residents’ emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual needs, then it helps them thrive.

We help the residents stay connected with others and give them a sense of purpose and a true sense of belonging.


Lifestyle Staff at Laurel Oaks Senior Community


Lifestyle, as I always say, is a fancy word for daily activities. Everything we do in a day really, but in our case, it means all the fun stuff that happens in a day!

We strive to provide programming that our residents want/enjoy/and ask for.

We encourage people to try new things. Moving into a senior living community is a life changing event that takes some getting used to.

We are here to help them adjust, meet new friends, try new things, travel to new places, and most of all, take their mind off of this big life change. Lifestyles Programming isn’t just a benefit to our seniors; it’s a learning journey for staff as well. You just have to take the time to listen.



Lifestyle Programming has been described by others as the heart of Layton Terrace. It engages residents with their neighbors and friends. Lifestyle Staff is constantly building relationships with residents. It’s almost as if we become family!

We learn so much about residents from programs. We can educate, share strengths and insights, and just be their friends. A bright spot in their day, hopefully every day, in one way or another.


What Does Lifestyle Mean in Senior Living?

People who live at a Laureate Group senior community can choose to be as active as they’d like to be. Many participate in a wide range of programs, while others choose to enjoy a good novel in the comfort of their own apartment. No matter the preference, a Laureate Group senior community offers the right balance to meet a wide variety of interests.