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7 Signs It’s Time to Consider Senior Living

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How do you know that it is time to consider a move to a senior community? You pay attention to the signs. We’ve compiled 7 signs it’s time to consider senior living. If you’ve noticed some of these warning signs, it may be time to have an honest conversation about senior care options.

Neglected Mail

Unopened mail is piling up, or worse, you find unpaid bills, collection notices or indications of overdrafts to a bank account.

Untidy House, Spoiled Food, and Bad Hygiene

Maybe the house is not as tidy as it used to be. It could be that the work of cleaning is physically too difficult for your parent. This could also include cleaning themselves: Are there signs that a parent is not bathing frequently?

Loss of Interest

Has your parent lost interest in activities they used to enjoy? Maybe friends he or she used to engage with have died. Transportation could be an issue, or it may be a sign of depression or other health condition.

Medication Management

Managing multiple medications can be extremely confusing and as a result your parent may be jeopardizing their health if they are not taken properly.


Unexplained bruises may be a sign that your parent has taken a few falls around the house or bumped into walls and furniture preventing one.


Has your parent been missing appointments or events with friends? Forgetting to go could be an early sign of dementia or be simply a sign that he or she is curtailing driving.

Overall Mood

Have you noticed a dramatic change in mood, or any evidence of depression?

Next Steps

Any of these warning signs would indicate that a trip to the doctor is warranted to uncover any undiagnosed medical conditions.

Next, an honest conversation with your parent about living as he or she is now should be undertaken. See tips on talking to your parents.

Benefits of Senior Living

Senior living communities can provide a range of assistance, from supportive services such as:

  • housecleaning and laundry
  • medication management
  • help with bathing
  • help with socialization that is needed for an older adult’s psychological well-being

If you are concerned that a parent should no longer live on their own, the time is right to meet with a senior living consultant and tour a senior community. A consultant can discuss all the options available and help guide you and your parent to the best living solution, one that preserves independence and safety.

Any of these warning signs would indicate that a trip to the doctor is warranted to uncover any diagnosed medical conditions.

Some seniors are hesitant to move into a senior community because they do not have an accurate picture of how that environment can support their greater independence.

But, our experience has told us that more often than not, they wonder why they did not make the move sooner.