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Why Senior Communities Encourage Dance Classes

Besides the fun factor, there are reasons as to why Laureate Group Senior Communities encourages dance classes. The new, insightful research examines the beneficial effects of dancing to determine whether dancing can improve brain health in older adults. Here are the results.

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What Does the Term Aging Mean to You

What Does the Term Aging Mean to You?

I recently had the privilege of being a guest lecturer at MATC for a class on Gerontology. The class was comprised of future social workers and case managers looking to work in the aging industry. What a gift they turned out to be. I asked them, ” What does aging mean to you?”

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What benefits are available for veterans

What benefits are available for veterans?

Veterans Pension benefits are provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs and are available to veterans, surviving spouses of veterans, or couples. How should they apply for benefits, and what qualifications does the VA look for in applicants? Learn more.

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