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50 Years of Gratitude at Laureate Group

50 Years of Gratitude at Laureate Group

I’m certain that the celebration plans for our 50th anniversary did not include a pandemic. Yet, here we are in the seventh month of managing the exposure risk for COVID-19 while balancing the physical and emotional needs of the most vulnerable population. Here are a few thoughts on what 50 years of gratitude at Laureate Group looks like.

We are thankful for the experience

We are thankful for the support, trust and confidence shown by many as a result of our long term experiences and relationships.

We have proven that experience matters.

We are thankful for the community at large

Gratitude comes in many different forms. Perfect strangers have shown up on our door steps with hand-made masks, snacks for staff and cards with encouraging words.

We are a good neighbor.

We are thankful for our suppliers

Whether we need PPE, single serving juice cups, bleach wipes or more garbage collection, people answered their phones day/night to keep us operating within ever changing guidelines. Our gratitude for our suppliers is genuine.

We are a good customer.

We are thankful for our partner health care providers

Our relationships with local health departments, area Emergency Rooms, paramedics and other health care professionals have never been more important to minimize the spread of the virus.

We are a good partner.

We are thankful for our staff

We have seen the gratitude from our employees. The perseverance shown to continue to work with a smile under the pressure of fear and anxiety is amazing. Many of our staff have been balancing the increased pressure of the pandemic at work as well as the educational needs of their children.

We are a good employer.

We are thankful for our older adults and their families

Laureate Group Senior Living communities are built to support the frailty that comes with aging while expanding opportunities for an active lifestyle. Throughout this pandemic you have taught us that faith and family always reign.

We are listening.

We understand and appreciate the responsibility we assumed when you entrusted us to care for the people you love. We are Laureate Group Senior Communities.