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Terrace House for the Physically Frail
Behavioral Health Services

Terrace House for the Physically Frail

Terrace House is a smaller assisted living setting within some Laureate Group communities designed for individuals who are more physically frail and have needs that cannot be fully addressed through scheduled care. The caregivers in this area are trained to monitor complex health concerns and address needs as they arise, on an unscheduled basis. Terrace House is an ideal assisted living environment for someone needing more direction and reassurance, but that does not need nursing home care. 

In addition to the services provided in our assisted living program, in Terrace House you’ll find:

  • Structured purposeful activities specifically designed to promote the highest level of independence
  • A monthly activity calendar filled with daily activities, every single day
  • Regularly scheduled outings in the community to area restaurants and attractions, and scenic tours
  • Personal escorts to in-house activities, hair salon and in-house doctor appointments
  • Three meals per day with specialized diets available, and assistance at mealtime as needed

As with all assisted living services, a registered nurse conducts a general assessment and then works with individuals and their family or representative to develop an individualized service plan.

Terrace House is Available at These Communities

The Arboretum
Menomonee Falls, Wi

Layton Terrace
Greenfield, WI

Oak Hill Terrace
Waukesha, WI

Laureate Group communities offer assisted living services in private apartments. 

Behavioral Health Services

In this specialty program, offered at Oak Hill Terrace, we can serve adults 60 years and older with chronic mental illness who are medically stable and psychiatrically stable. We are prepared to serve the long-term care needs of older adults who come to us with a treatment plan developed by professionals, that includes effective approaches to behavioral symptoms (including medications). 

We offer a range of services in a residential apartment setting, where people are integrated into the full life of the community. 

The environment is warm and welcoming, values diversity and difference, provides a feeling of safety, and promotes physical, psychological and emotional health while fostering personal and social development.  We support behavioral health through structured daily routines, individualized service plans, minimal use of medication, therapeutic recreation and social support.

Our staff has a unique combination of expertise in supporting behavioral health and addressing the many challenges of aging. In addition to the services provided in our assisted living program, you’ll find:

Scope of Services

Program Integration

  • Personalized acclimation to surroundings, and coaching to determine and match interests
  • Escorts as needed to meals and activities

Behavioral Health Clinical Services

  • Individual Behavior Management Plan based on our comprehensive assessment and the professional treatment plan
  • Staff trained in the Behavior Management Plan, including response to an acute episode
  • Consulting Psychiatrist available
  • Psychiatric nurse practitioner monthly visits
  • Psychiatric social worker weekly visits
  • Psychiatric medication management and administration
  • Periodic pharmacist medication review
  • Referrals to appropriate mental health professionals

Lifestyle Programming including

  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Exercise/fitness
  • Art and music programs
  • Educational offerings
  • Planned outings

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