Assisted Living

We understand that everyone who comes to one of our communities wants to stay as independent as possible. And we agree. Our approach is to work with seniors and their families to identify where people might need some extra support and discuss options that could help.

Assisted living is just that – assistance – along with a plan that provides the right amount of support. It allows people to manage all the things of which they are capable, allows them to live better, stronger and safer, and actually become more independent in daily life.

Offering Necessary Support

At the Laureate Group, assisted living takes all the benefits of independent living--a private apartment, apartment pull cords, amenities and convenience services such as dining and scheduled transportation, and combines them with necessary support as health changes. Assistance with medications, help with self-care such as grooming, dressing, or bathing, and monitoring of more complex health concerns may be included.

In our program, a Registered Nurse (RN) spends time learning what a person needs and then develops an individualized plan. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to care at Laureate Group. Unlike some assisted living programs that use a nurse consultant that travels from location to location, each Laureate Group community has its own full time Registered Nurse to oversee the individual’s assisted living plan (Read more about the importance of full-time RNs on staff). We have staff on duty and awake 24-hours a day for assistance, and an RN is always on call.

Learn more about all our Assisted Living Services, including the specialty programs available at some communities. 

There is no endowment fee at any Laureate Group Senior Community.

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“Moving my mom to assisted living was a hard thing to do but it was needed desperately. I went to a lot of places, but once I met Margaret at Wilkinson Woods and spoke with her on the phone about my apprehensions she was so helpful, and really made me feel okay about choosing assisted living. My mom is such a different person from the one that I moved out of her apartment, I think even she understands now how lonely she was in there by herself.”
Jane Schneider