Importance of Planning

Navigating the world of senior services can be difficult, no more so than when the search must begin quickly, following a health crisis. That’s why we encourage families to explore options before there is an emergency.

planningquestions.pngHaving a plan for a loved one who may need additional support does not mean a move or other change is imminent. What it does is offer a family is peace of mind knowing they are better prepared for what is a certainty in life: aging and facing life transitions. 

By going through a bit of planning, the entire family can develop a common understanding of a loved one’s situation, and be better prepared to address changing needs. And you don’t need to do it alone.

Each year we help hundreds of families answer questions about the best way to support their loved one, how to maintain their independence while ensuring safety.

Get our free Planning Questions Guide. It offers a series of questions to help you think about the needs of your loved one, and offers an opportunity for everyone in the family to talk about these issues together.


What constitutes a plan?

Here is a quick overview of areas for you to consider.

Health –Often siblings have very different perceptions of a parent’s health, and this leads to misunderstandings about what support is needed. Gaining a common understanding among family members and a loved one about health can go a long way to ensuring a solid plan. 

Senior Care Options –There are many options for seniors to access supportive services. This part of planning includes learning about not only what the options are, but when different options work best, for example, when in-home care is valuable and when assisted living may be a better fit. Learn more about Senior Care Options.

Financial Situation - Even the closest of families often have a hard time talking about money, but it is very important that everyone involved has a clear picture of the resources available to pay for services. The Planning Questions can give you a framework to identify both monthly income and assets. Paying for Senior Care describes some ways to make senior care more affordable.

Next Steps –Based on your family’s expected timetable, you may identify some tasks that need to be completed. Following up on these tasks, rather than waiting for an emergency, can really increase a family's peace of mind. Need help?

Contact the Community of your Choice

If you know the community that most interests you, call and speak with the Marketing Director. There is absolutely no obligation. We talk to people every day, some that never visit the community and some who ultimately move in.

Every Marketing Director spends a considerable amount of time helping seniors and their families. Each one is knowledgeable about the range of services available to older adults. They are aware of the strong emotional component in transitions, and many times they serve as facilitators of family discussions, helping parents and adult children come to a common understanding of care needs and next steps. We’re happy to answer your questions. Select the Laureate Group community that is right for you.

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