Laureate Group Seniors Stay Active No Matter the Weather

You know the old sayings - March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. April showers bring May flowers... Though some days it seems the cold has left us for good, we're quickly reminded that Wisconsin weather is by no means predictable. That's why it's important to stay active all year round, no matter what the weather decides to do that day.
When an older adult falls, the recovery time is much longer than someone younger and in better physical condition. Even though a gradual decline in fitness is natural and expected (People over 50 who are sedentary can lose almost half a pound of muscle in a year!), steps can be taken to prevent a loss of mobility before it even begins. 
One of the best ways to prevent falls (and the injuries resulting from falls) is to improve balance and strengthen muscles. When older adults concentrate on increasing flexibility, improving balance and building core strength, they greatly lessen their risk of falling. In addition to reducing fall risk, seniors who exercise just feel better, physically and mentally, as aerobic exercise has a role in improving brain function. With all these benefits of staying active, many of which are imperative for a high quality of life, Laureate Group has made it a priority to incorporate exercise programs into every one of our communities. 
Health and Wellness Offerings at Laureate Group
We offer tangible ways to live healthier. At the Laureate Group communities, residents have access to the on-site equipment and classes at no additional cost. From yoga to line dancing to Tai Chi to walking clubs, the Laureate Group communities offer easy and fun ways for older adults to build strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. In addition, we offer a variety of wellness topics for ongoing education. As part of our wellness program people can get their blood pressure taken, vaccinations, or weight checked. And of course a big part of health and wellness is a choice of healthy and tasty dining options.
The Laureate Living Strong Initiative 
At some of the Laureate Communities we've partnered with Paxxon Health Care and Gentiva Home Health to develop a program called Laureate Living Strong. With this program, we have therapists on-site and available to help people develop and advance their wellness goals. In addition to group exercise classes, you will find circuit training stations that offer additional exercise options along with the PhysioStep, a piece of equipment that provides a total body workout for all fitness levels. Another huge benefit of having occupational and speech therapy on-site is to assist in rehabilitation. For example, when someone returns from the hospital and the doctor indicates therapy for further strengthening, it can be conveniently accessed right on-site. Additionally, these therapists will offer special screenings to help identify people who could benefit from therapy, with the goal of keeping each person strong, active and living as independent as possible.  It's one of the reasons the Laureate Group fall rates for seniors in our communities are less than half of the industry standard.
Want to learn more about Laureate Group wellness programs? Come for a tour and see how the Laureate Group's focus on health and wellness helps seniors live strong. Schedule a tour by clicking here, learn more about our communities and their programming here, and find us on Facebook here